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"I had good (but somewhat stressful) fun. Scoot 66 did everything within their power to show riders the true feeling of traveling Route 66."


"Scooting is a great way to see the country; the Vespa GTS defied my initial thoughts about its suitability."

"This trip was so much fun . Riding across America on Vespas is a super fun way to see the sights. Excellent folks (riders and guides) and a sweet sense of camaraderie with in the group."


"It really is an adventure (even if times were extended, it still would be). Seeing the vastly differing landscapes, the history and the curios along the way"


"Great crew of riders. Everybody was kind and fun to ride with. The ride itself was very adventurous and fun. Seeing so much of the country was fantastic. Josh and Bosco were excellent and holding it all together."


"We certainly had some ups and downs, but here are two true statements. 1. What an amazing trip. It felt like seeing the country in a whole new way. 2. Great friends new and old, awesome riding, iconic stops and overall an amazing trip."

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