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About Scoot! 66 Tours

Scoot! 66 Tours are about exploring the "Mother Road" Historic Route 66 on Vespas

Scoot! 66 tours are 12 day tours from Chicago to Santa Monica or San Bernardino to Chicago.  Done on Vespa GTS's.  The 12 day guided tours take you through 7 US state ranging from the heart of the midwest to the Southwest to the Pacific Ocean. Explore all of the Americana left on Route 66.

Your tour includes: Hotel accommodations, Gas, experienced Guides, and Scooter. Adventure Awaits

Tour does not include: Food, Insurance, Guarantee of adverse weather. travel to and from start and end points.

Your Guides

Jeff Bosco Biafore

I have always been drawn to two wheels. It started with a mini bike frame pulled from a junk pile at a barn on a large agricultural property in Gilroy. In high school I was obsessed with VW bugs but still had room for a shiny PUCH moped. One day on a trip to San Jose with my father to get moped parts, I saw the holy grail. Tucked in with the mopeds in a back room was a late 70’s P series Vespa. And this one had the “liberated” early Mercedes hubcap. That bike kicked off a  blur of vintage scooters bought and sold, traded and crashed. Years later, I found myself exiting a radio career and starting work at the local BMW and Vespa shop. I sold the new modern bikes and became the parts accessory and advice expert for the shop. This led me, a few years later, to work at Piaggio. It was amazing to work for the company as a shop sales representative after a long relationship with their product. I have amassed a collection of Vespas old and new , Lambretta scooters, BMWs and a few oddballs. When I let people know I have in the neighborhood of two dozen bikes, their eyes light up and they ultimately ask, why? Because it's a lifestyle. Currently I am doing operations for an online mobile mechanic service and am looking forward to embarking on an adventure that is more my lifestyle than work.


Josh Rogers

I first fell in love with Vespa at 17. Purchased my first one at 18 and used that to commute to college to earn my BA in Business Administration and Management.  In 2003 after struggling to keep an event planner job I purchased Scoot! Magazine and was the publisher there for 10 years. Building a publication and contacts in the motorcycle industry.  After the 2008 down turn we managed to shutter Scoot! In 2010 still keeping a online presents.  In 2009 I became a MSF rider coach, I did that for 10 years, In 20017 I became the President of the Vespa Club of America and in 2021 I was honored to be the first non European to sit on the Vespa World Club Board.  I have ridden Scooters on 5 continents in 12 different countries. I have a passion not only for Vespa and riding but also for creating opportunities for others to explore their passion for this hobby. At 48 I’m looking forward to sharing not only Vespa but America with anyone who wants to join Scoot! 66 tours.


Adventure & Experience

"We certainly had some ups and downs, but here are two true statements. 1. What an amazing trip. It felt like seeing the country in a whole new way. 2. Great friends new and old, awesome riding, iconic stops and overall an amazing trip."

Safety First

Your Safety is our first concern. Our experienced guides will be there to help you have fun.  


Route Gallery

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